How to add resume to linkedin

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The first part of the course introduction. How relevant is the topic of the course? Is it developed scientifically? What are you guided by her choice? What are the goals and objectives of your research? What sources of information do you use, what methods do you follow when writing a work? All these questions need to be addressed in the introduction. The main part of the course contains three or four sections, each at least two subsections. By tradition, the first section is devoted to theoretical questions, the second to practical ones. The third combines the first two and contains recommendations on how to solve the problem under investigation. All sections are connected with each other logically, their names always correspond to the content. After each section output.

Conclusion a summary of the findings. It is easiest to draw a conclusion from the ready-made conclusions that were formulated under each of the sections. When all the material is collected, re-read it and, if something remains incomprehensible, turn to the supervisor. And then start writing a term paper. Make important conclusions like quotes, tell the rest in your own words. Do not forget that the pronoun “I” in scientific work is not the place use “we” (“We came to the conclusion”, “We see fit”). Better yet, go to impersonal forms (“You should also say,” “Conclusion can be made.”) The material for the course work is not just everything that “google” on your subject on the Internet. Work on the course project involves perepepachivanie more than a dozen books in the library. Always pay attention to the year of publication (very old information may not be suitable) and be competent in quoting.

When choosing sources, do not ignore the list of references that the teacher will offer you. Font Times New Roman, size 14, one and a half line spacing almost everything you need to know about the design of the course. And there are no extra spaces in front of a period or a comma, a “dirty” decorated text all these are important moments that the teacher pays attention to when checking coursework. Spend time on the list of references in the course: where the dot is, comma, dash, how abbreviations are written, how Internet resources are served this is important. When you realize the whole amount of work, it becomes a pity to have free time and you may have the idea to order a course project in a special office.

But we do not advise doing this for a number of reasons: a) a competent teacher will easily calculate the catch; b) having mastered the course writing, you will upgrade many of your skills that will be useful to you in the future. Do you have questions about writing a term paper? Do not be afraid to ask their supervisor. Or look for answers on the Internet (be sure to advise to study the material from E. E. Vasilyeva “How to write a good term paper”).