How to make a good resume

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Good evening to those who have not had time to write a term paper. It is a pity that tomorrow it is necessary to take it, but you do not know where to start and what should be taken first. Most likely, you are a little excited right now, since not passing the coursework can lead to difficulties in the educational process, an increase in “tails” and worst of all, this is a deduction from the university (we hope this will not happen).

In order not to write a lot about how bad or good it is to pass it or not to turn it all in time, let’s get down to business right away. There are several types of coursework. As a rule, this is theoretical or practical, and it depends on if you finish writing at 4 am or 9 am. The final lot still depends on the availability of the necessary information and the availability of information sources. The approximate amount of course work is 30-50 pages. Theoretical coursework. Usually includes 3 main sections with several sub-items (2 or 3 in each section) in which the relevant material on the chosen topic is disclosed. To perform the work, it is desirable to use at least 20 sources, and the theoretical material itself should be represented by the optimal number of graphs, tables and figures. Practical coursework. Also consists of 3 sections but with a significant difference in structure. The first section includes a theory with an analysis of the sources used. The second section is the analytics for the selected enterprise, industry or other object. The third section is its own proposals and the calculation of their effectiveness. This term paper is very good to write, because in the future it will be possible to use it as a foundation for writing a thesis. At the end of writing each term paper are written conclusions that respond to the tasks in the introductory part.

So, we answer the question: how to write a term paper for a night? Answer: make coffee tea and sit down to work at the computer. Stage 1. It is assumed that you already have a topic of work. In the first stage, we are looking for free coursework on the Internet with a similar topic in order to make a plan. The plan is ready and we are going to approve it with the manager or send it to him by mail (you can not do this if you already have a prepared plan and approved by the teacher). We start writing the easiest first section, where we mainly use theoretical information from specialized literature, periodicals, the Internet and more. We combine information from different sources for maximum uniqueness of the theoretical part (10-15 pages).