How to write a good resume

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Course project is a scientific work, which involves independent research by a student of a given topic. The purpose of the course to check how the student is able to search and analyze information, as well as correctly and logically express and argue the thoughts. Write a conclusion will help you article. Making a list of references. How to make a list of references to course work. In the application submitted graphic, tabular, illustrative materials of the course work. Applications are usually not numbered. Verification of the course work by the teacher, correction of defects, registration of work according to the norm control. Writing a brief but voluminous summary, that is, covering the main issues and problems on the topic.

The list of sources used and literature contains the name of the work, sources that were directly used by the author when working on the course work. The number of sources used and literature in the course work, as a rule, should be at least 15-20. Auxiliary or additional materials that clutter the text of the main part of the work are placed in the annex. The wording of these tasks should be done as carefully as possible, since the description of their solution should form the content of the chapters of the scientific work. This is also important because the headings of chapters are born precisely from the formulations of the tasks of the research being undertaken.

Further, in the works of empirical nature, the research hypothesis is presented a scientific hypothesis put forward to explain the phenomena under study. In addition, the general hypothesis is often specified in additional partial hypotheses. Obligatory element of the introduction is the formulation of the object and subject of study. An object is a process or phenomena that give rise to a problem situation and are chosen for study. Item this is what is within the boundaries of the object. The object and subject of research as a category of the scientific process relate to each other as general and particular. The object is allocated that part of it, which is the subject of study.

This is the main focus of the researcher. It is the subject of the work that determines the topic of scientific work, which is indicated on the title page as the title. An obligatory element of the introduction of scientific work is also an indication of the research methods that serve as a tool in extracting factual material, being a necessary condition for achieving the goal set in the work. Remember that the topic of the course project should be clear to you. It is important that the literature on it was enough. Avoid unnecessarily broad or narrow topics, such a choice can lead to a dead end. Pay attention to the development plan of the course project. A clear structure will avoid unnecessary work and plan time to write each chapter.